Welcome to St Elizabeth Catholic Academy

Throughout our nearly 130 year history Saint Elizabeth Catholic Academy—serving students from Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade—has provided a foundation where a love for learning, a desire for self-reliance, and a passion to lead in Jesus Christ’s community is championed. We strive to become the preeminent elementary school globally and empower Catholic leaders for generations to come. Students Today, Leaders for Life..

Since our founding, St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy has matured into one of the city’s best performing Catholic elementary schools. Thanks to stable, foresighted leadership – six of our school heads have led for a remarkable 110 years, and our current principal has been a leader within St. Elizabeth School/Catholic Academy for five decades – we have been able to build a sturdy, sustainable foundation for academic excellence. Because our leaders and teachers care so deeply about our school’s mission, our students can enter a culture where learning is prized for its own sake. They gain an intrinsic desire to learn and lead, which is reflected in our students’ academic performance. The stellar outperformance does not end when students graduate; in 2014 the 8th grade graduating class won over $170 thousand in high school scholarships. Ninety-nine percent of our alumni that go on to Catholic High Schools go on to college.

To support our school’s mission, we launched the St. Elizabeth Innovation Program back in 2010 where we are bridging the gap between the classroom and the adult world. The St. Elizabeth Innovation Program accomplishes this goal through career simulations, which situate our middle school students as head of a for-profit venture or social entrepreneurship cause. This has been accomplished through partnerships with outside organizations and by developing our own complimentary programming. We have partnered and or featured leading brands, including the Humane Society, vitaminwater (Coke), MiddyFund, and the Miss New York Organization to name a few. We also offer programs that promote life mastery through our speaker series and mentoring programs. Our speakers have included the world’s number one rank debater, the US Math Olympian champion, the US finalist for computer programming for their age groups, Miss America, NBA players and an Emmy award winning artist to name a few. Our students have also presented at leading events as the only middle schools students giving presentations; these presentations include an event during the NBA All Star Weekend for innovation in financial education, at the Harvard College E^2 event hosted by Harvard Ventures celebrating entrepreneurship in all its forms, and at Kaye Scholer, LLP promoting solutions in their community. Our stellar results and innovative programming have caught the media’s attention, and we have received television features on CNN Money, CBS, and ABC News to name a few.